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Formula Evaluator

Jetstream has a formula evaluator so you can build and test Salesforce formulas.

the formula editor comes with some really nice features:

  • Full-featured editor with syntax highlighting
  • Auto-complete to help build your formulas
  • Ability to run and test your formulas to see the outcome
  • Ability to test formulas as different users

Some formula functions are not yet supported and some complex formulas may not work.

Evaluating a formula

  1. Choose which object you would like to work on
  2. Choose which user to evaluate as, your user is the default selected user
  3. Choose how numbers should be treated for fields with no value
  4. Choose if you want to write a formula from scratch or if you have an existing field you want to start from
    1. If you choose an existing field, the formula editor will be populated with the existing formula
  5. Write your formula
  6. Search and choose a record
  7. Click "Test Formula"


The advanced editor includes syntax highlighting, code completion and the ability to format your formula.

Formula editor


Use the shortcut ctrl + space while editing to show a list of available formulas and object and field completions.

Formula intellisense


Your results will be evaluated based on the selected Object and record.

Formula evaluation results