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Other Useful Features

Viewing, Editing, and Cloning records

Jetstream provides a few different ways for working with records.

If you already have a record id

If you already have the record id and want to view, edit, or clone the record, click the record lookup icon on the top toolbar to open the View Record Details popover.


You can open the view record details popover by pressing command+k or control+k.

You can enter in a 15 or 18 digit id to view the record. The most recent 10 record ids for the currently selected org are displayed in case you need to look at one of the records again.

View record details

If you need to find the record

Use the query page to find the record you want to work with. From the query results table, click on the view, edit, or clone icon.

View record details from query results

Working with the record

After taking any of the actions above, you will be presented with a modal that will show you the record and allow you to edit the record.

From here, you can

  • Access related records by clicking the link for a lookup field
    • you can easily go back to a prior record by clicking the breadcrumb link
  • View all child records by clicking the child tab
  • Edit or clone the record
  • Download the record

Viewing your record

View record modal

Viewing child records


Since there can be a lot of data to fetch here to access these records, the data is cached in your browser for a few days. Click the Reload Records button if records were recently added or removed.

Viewing child records